Ubiquicom enhances the user experience and increases the efficiency and security of processes through the use of innovative solutions for locating and tracking people and assets based on unconventional technologies.


Ubiquicom offers itself as a multi-technology reference point for the industry’s need for locating in unconventional environments (that is, not addressable simply by using common and now-dated technologies like GPS), powered by its strong process and technology skills.


Mission e Vision - Ubiquicom Tracking Location


The in-house design and development of all the hardware and software components that Ubiquicom’s solutions are based on:

  • platforms for locating, monitoring and managing notifications and alarms
  • applications for mobile devices
  • IoT hardware systems like tags, beacons and devices designed for machine-to-machine use
  • services in the cloud

Ubiquicom, fortified with the advanced technological know-how it has accrued over the years, is a perfect partner to provide:

  • ‘off-the-shelf’ hardware and software products that are highly configurable
  • turnkey solutions for specific application contexts
  • technology and engineering consulting services for customised projects