Our selection of ‘off-the-shelf’ products consists of the following items:

  • the Ubiquicom Locator software platform that installs the multi-technology location engine and forms the heart of Ubiquicom’s solutions
  • Ubiquicom uTag, a family of active devices with small footprints that are completely configurable for all your application needs and are always optimised for the best in functionality, cost, performance, size and mechanical strength.

Vertical solutions for the industry

  • Logistics Suite
  • SafeLocator Suite (‘Internet of Things Security Innovation World Cup 2014-2015’ finalist)




Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) are precise positioning systems that allow the user not only to identify and monitor different kinds of key objects, including merchandise, tools, equipment, containers, works in progress and people, but also to provide this information in real time through automatic, constant feedback.

An RTLS solution offers exact, immediate information on where something is or has been – and, in some cases, what it has done – with constant communication between the system and the object being tracked.

If necessary, the devices can determine their own position and communicate it, thanks to a tag on the device and another device that can collect the information it contains.


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