Manufacturing Locator Suite
RTLS for tracking assets and optimizing production processes in manufacturing

Integration with WMS and MES

Integration enables intelligent management of production processes by introducing a level of governance that optimizes lead-time and maximizes resource use

Operations more automated

Automation allows to speed up activities and increase the safety of workers in hybrid production environments

Hgher levels of compliance and quality

Human error is reduced, inventory control is more efficient, and data is more accurate and visible

More efficient management of semi-finished and finished products

Goods tracking increases visibility on stocks and production lines

What is the purpose of
Locator Suite?

Locator is Ubiquicom’s software platform that enables:

  • real-time location
  • tracking of people, vehicles and assets
  • telemetry
  • real-time management of complex location-based events
  • collecting a large amount of field data and strategic information to improve decision-making processes.

The Locator platform, based on standard architectures and protocols, can communicate bi-directionally with countless types of devices and process field data generated from dozens of different location technologies.

Using all the collected field data, the Locator platform calculates the position of each monitored object, performs actuations, and generates position-based events, making all historical and real-time position data available to other software tools.

Strong points

The UBIQUICOM Locator Suite dedicated to Manufacturing is the ideal solution for efficiently and effectively managing the production process and order management: from inbound to shipment.

In particular, the Manufacturing Locator Suite allows you to:

  • Production workflow optimization: semi-finished products are tracked, and operators located to streamline production processes
  • Trace the supply chain and transport: goods are tracked in all stages of processing, until their journey to the final destination
  • Define new inventory management standards: semi-finished and/or finished items are localized and their position is known all the way from the end line to the shipping
  • Increase safety standards: the safety of operators, goods and assets is significantly increased thanks to the organization and control in real-time of handling flows

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