Increasingly secure warehouses with optical technologies that prevent collisions handling vehicles at intersections

What is

WAREHOUSE SAFEYE is an anti-collision system based on optical communication technologies to prevent accidents in warehouses and advanced production environments where it is not always possible to ensure optimal visibility.

In particular, the system is designed to make safer crossings, intersections and other contexts where operators on board the vehicle need to be warned of a possible collision risk in the presence of blind spots.

Safeguards for personnel safety

Accident avoidance in manufacturing and warehousing environments where there are numerous crossings and forklift crashes

Easy to install

Suitable for indoor environments and complex infrastructure with numerous intersections, crossings and many moving goods handling vehicles

Less downtime
and less production interruptions

Fewer forklifts stopped and fewer downtime due to accidents

Integrability with locating

Integration with forklift tracking system for security purposes and centralized flow orchestration

Patented technology

The infrared technology used in the solution was created by Ubiquicom and is patented

Why use

The WAREHOUSE SAFEYE solution by Ubiquicom is intended to minimize accidents between handling equipment inside warehouses and production facilities, particularly at critical points of these environments.

Within warehouses and manufacturing companies, operators of handling equipment are at a higher risk of collision in areas near machinery that obstruct the view and intersections with blind corners.

By using infrared technology, WAREHOUSE SAFEYE guarantees reliable collision prevention at vital locations.

The technology behind WAREHOUSE SAFEYE was entirely developed by Ubiquicom’s Research and Development division and is protected by a proprietary patent.

How does the optical anti-collision work?

WAREHOUSE SAFEYE works by means of two communicating components, the transmission device, and the receiving device.

  • Transmission device: it is designed to be installed on top of vehicles operating in indoor environments and transmits a periodic message through the pulsed LED light that communicates an identification number to a receiving device.
  • Receiving device: it is designed to be fixed on the ceiling, receive messages from multiple transmission devices, extract the identification code, determine the location, assess the risk of a possible collision, and activate an audio-visual signaling system.
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