The most advanced anti-collision system to maximize workplace safety with no false alarms.


THIRD EYE is the most advanced anti-collision solution of the PROXIMITY offering. It is capable of determining the exact position of obstacles, industrial vehicles, and personnel. It can integrate this information with the vehicle’s speed and trajectory using Ubiquicom’s proprietary and patented UWB technology. The PROXIMITY THIRD EYE system provides a comprehensive and accurate view of potential hazards around the vehicle, minimizing “false alarms” by alerting only the elements on a collision path. The alert and alarm areas can adapt to the actual movement and route of the vehicle. Thanks to the UWB AOA (Angle of Arrival) technology, PROXIMITY THIRD EYE represents a cutting-edge technology in industrial safety, offering both precise location and maintained efficiency at the highest levels.

Integrated with the RTLS technology
Automatic and zone-specific slowdown
Dynamic safety areas
Wide range of coverage
People safety
UWB technology
Flexibility of use
Integrated vehicle mount computer
Minimization of false alarms
Integrated vehicle mount computer
Highly precise identification of obstacles
Compatible with any industrial machines


How can we minimize the risks of moving vehicles in the production environment?

PROXIMITY THIRD EYE is designed to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency, thanks to AOA technology and dynamic trajectory calculation. Tangible results include improved prevention of collisions and accidents, are generating alarms only in situations of real collision danger. PROXIMITY THIRD EYE is suitable for all types of vehicles, from industrial and logistics vehicles to heavy machinery. It is the ideal solution for complex environments with a higher risk of incidents or collisions between vehicles, pedestrians, and fixed obstacles.

The most advanced anti-collision system on the market offers the following advantages:

  • Minimizes false alarms while preserving the efficiency of the production environment
  • Increases worker safety by preventing collisions with handling equipment
  • Enhances the safety of goods handling, minimizing the risk of impacts with assets
  • The use of UBIQUICOM Self-Check station allows verifying each operator’s safety equipment at the workplace entrance.


PROXIMITY THIRD EYE is the most advanced solution in terms of anti-collision systems. Unlike currently available systems, PROXIMITY THIRD EYE introduces real-time dynamic trajectory calculation integrated with UWB anti-collision technology using Angle Of Arrival (AOA). The system can directly interface with the vehicle’s control unit, enabling advanced alert and alarm logic. By integrating this data with high-precision location of hazards present in the production environment, PROXIMITY THIRD EYE minimizes errors while maintaining safety as the top priority, without compromising production efficiency.

The combination of AOA and UWB technologies allows real-time identification of the exact positions of vehicles, personnel, and fixed obstacles in the work environment. Moreover, the system dynamically adapts the alarm zone based on the precise calculation of the moving vehicle’s trajectory.

The accurate determination of the position is achieved through a variable set of radars on board the vehicle (ranging from 1 to 6, depending on the size and geometry of the heavy vehicle) and tags assigned to personnel or placed on fixed obstacles.

PROXIMITY THIRD EYE dynamically establishes different risk profiles based on the exact obstacle position (front, rear, side, collision route, etc.) and implements appropriate reactions accordingly. The configuration of profiles is fully customizable and can be set for individual vehicles, homogeneous groups, or the entire fleet simultaneously.


PROXIMITY THIRD EYE is suitable for a wide range of industrial vehicles in different industries:

Logistics, Manufacturing, Iron and steel industry, Mining, Airport, Construction, and Agriculture,



The number of nodes is indicative and depends on the actual dimensions and use of the vehicle


PROXIMITY THIRD EYE, installed on moving vehicles, generates audio-visual alarms when another vehicle enters alert and alarm zones. It also enables automatic countermeasures (e.g., automatic slowing down of both vehicles).

The ability to shape and size the threshold zones around the vehicle (alert and alarm) based on the vehicle’s trajectory allows identifying only situations of real danger, such as alerting when another vehicle is beyond a blind spot or approaching while disregarding the rear position or its departure.

The system prevents collision risks between vehicles with its alarm and alert systems; the operator knows the exact position of the obstacle, thanks to the possibility of having an onboard vehicle terminal (Ubiquicom “Forklift Companion”) that shows the real-time position of obstacles and evaluates the potential collision risk.


PROXIMITY THIRD EYE radars, installed on vehicles, and the personal tag worn by personnel generate audio-visual alarms on the vehicle and acoustic (buzzer), visual (LED), and mechanical (vibration) alerts on the person tag.

PROXIMITY THIRD EYE’s innovative technology, combined with its configurable logic, allows different countermeasures on the vehicle, depending on the position of the personal tag (front, rear, side, moving away, moving parallel to the direction of travel, or behind a blind spot).

The system protects operators and pedestrians from vehicle impacts and alerts personnel on foot and in the vehicle in case of a potential danger due to close proximity.


The shape of the alert and alarm zones around vehicles can be configured and customized based on the characteristics of the working environment. The zones dynamically adapt to the vehicle’s speed, direction of travel, and trajectory, tailored to the potential risk situation.


The system includes the set of PROXIMITY THIRD EYE radars on the vehicle, the UWB control unit, one personal tag for each operator, and a Self-Check station to verify that each operator has a functional and charged device upon entering the permitted work area. The use of multiple PROXIMITY  THIRD EYE radars ensures optimal performance even on large vehicles with complex mechanical features, such as excavators, tractors, bulldozers, and other construction machinery.


The antenna, located at the top of the vehicle, is designed to efficiently and promptly transmit the vehicle’s presence to AOA Radars mounted on other vehicles in the surrounding area, enabling immediate anti-collision measures.

Dimensions: 53x125x49 mm

unità di controllo anticollisione veicolo: TAG ANTENNA CABLATA

AOA Radar

The PROXIMITY  THIRD EYE UWB Radar, using the AOA (Angle Of Arrival) calculation method, communicates with the control unit, contributing to the centimeter-level location of fixed or moving obstacles.

Dimensions: 80x90x42 mm

Unità di controllo anticollisione: Radar AOA


The PROXIMITY  THIRD EYE personal tag is  an innovative, wearable anti-collision device that enhances workplace safety for personnel. It features a configurable soft-touch button, acoustic buzzer, LED, and haptic actuator (vibration). With long-lasting batteries, it operates for up to 5 days without charging.

Dimensions: 52x80x35 mm

Personal tag anticollisione AOA


The advanced control station for monitoring personal tags before operators access the working area and can implement access control functionalities. Mounted on doors or turnstiles, it allows entry only for those wearing a functioning, charged, and authorized tag for the permitted working environment.

Dimensions: 82x100x54 mm

Access Control Hardware


In conjunction with UBIQUICOM’s advanced Safety solutions, PROXIMITY  THIRD EYE offers additional functionalities for maximum personnel, vehicle, and asset safety:

  • Protection on the “opposite side” during operations on shelves and vertical warehouses.
  • Zoning to reduce and control vehicle speed, both statically and dynamically, based on contextual conditions (traffic, number of operators, etc.).
  • Implementation of safety rules on configurable time slots to define different risk profiles (e.g., day vs. night).
  • Man-down function for worker safety and prompt intervention in case of illness or danger.
  • Collision and incident detection, with limited vehicle operation mode activation until unlocked by the Badge Master.

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