Ubiquicom specialises in planning and developing innovative products and solutions for locating and tracking people and assets in unconventional contexts by using unconventional technologies.


Added Value

  • supporting processes with position information
  • providing a complete, real-time snapshot of the status of personnel, assets and goods
  • increasing efficiency and reducing the time and costs required for all processes

Locating and tracking people and assets

Ubiquicom is a made-in-Italy company focused on developing products and advanced solutions for locating and tracking people, vehicles, merchandise, equipment and mobile devices in real time, both indoors and outdoors, using the most advanced RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) technologies and distributed sensing, in an IoT (Internet of Things) context.

The large mass of data collected in this way (Big Data), either in the cloud or on-premises, allows Ubiquicom to support its clients with detailed process analysis, using special visualisation and analysis tools, to identify opportunities for improvement that would otherwise be harder to pinpoint. 

Localizzazione e tracciamento di persone e asset - Ubiquicom

Ubiquicom is proud to have amongst its clients: