Safety & Security

Ubiquicom solutions

Safety Locator is Ubiquicom’s suite providing an integrated way to address specific needs related to workplace safety. To obtain a good RoI and minimise the impact on pre-existing processes, Ubiquicom’s solution can be introduced using a gradual approach.

The Safety Locator solution combines the functionalities of tracking, distributed sensing and remote control of devices, having as its final objectives:


  • increased safety of personnel engaged in medium or high-risk operations and the consequent reduction of incidents and all the attendant costs of such incidents
  • protection and monitoring of company assets
  • simplification and optimisation of processes that verify compliance with workplace safety regulations


Personnel Tracking

  • Real-time monitoring and a synoptic view of the location of personnel
  • Assistance in managing alarms and evacuation processes
  • Monitoring intrusion events in the workplace and managing related alarms
  • Access control (by group or by time slot) for individual zones of a work area and managing related alarms
  • Constant monitoring of the proper composition of work teams (for example, in situations that require the simultaneous presence of multiple people with different roles and skills)


Asset Tracking

  • Real-time monitoring and a synoptic view of the location of assets and work equipment
  • Search functions for the current location and visualisation of the past locations of the assets
  • Monitoring exits from or entrances to an area containing company assets and managing related alarms


Distributed Sensing and Remote Control

  • Real-time monitoring of the use of personal protection equipment (by area, by type of worker profile and by time slot) and managing related alarms
  • Real-time monitoring of work done at heights and managing related alarms
  • Monitoring environmental parameters (temperature, presence of gases or harmful substances, fires, etc.) and managing related alarms
  • Monitoring events involving shock, falls and ‘man down’ situations and managing related alarms
  • Managing requests for help from personnel and related notifications
  • Verification of biometric information on personnel engaged in high-risk operations and managing related alarms
  • Monitoring events involving collisions or falls occurring with company assets or equipment and managing related alarms
  • Assessment of the observance of vehicle speed limits by individual area and managing related alarms
  • Warning of situations involving risk and the prevention of incidents between forklifts or between forklifts and pedestrians
  • Monitoring improper use and tampering with company assets and managing related alarms
  • Informational notifications to personnel by way of visual and sound signals and VibraCall systems
  • Two-way communication with systems that diagnose equipment to prevent malfunctions that could create dangerous situations
  • Sending contextual information or warnings of danger to personnel based on their detected location, role and status
  • Management of alarms following indications of breakdowns or maintenance needed on machinery
  • Verification of identity for access to areas or on board forklifts and vehicles
  • Assessment of forklifts and equipment being properly used only by authorised personnel who have the required skills



    Continuous monitoring of parameters related to dangerous and harmful situations in the working environment to facilitate better, faster feedback

    Checking for current and systematic compliance with safety working procedures

    Accurate and systematic checking of the implementation of all safety procedures needed to minimize risks with dangerous activities

    Immediate detection of conflict or dangerous situations among staff due to involuntary interference or threats/aggression from other individuals

    Precise identification of all the people present in an area requiring immediate evacuation, effective communication, compliance with the crisis procedures


    Easily asset tracking to prevent theft of company property

    Identifying and monitoring in real time of internal or external personnel

    Monitoring the operating parameters related to devices or equipment and diagnostics to prevent break-downs and misuse of assets in inadequate conditions


    Continuous monitoring and tracking of risky events in the surrounding environment