uTag T
Wearable device for locating lone workers and managing emergencies and man down

What is
uTag T for?

uTag T is Ubiquicom’s new hardware device for outdoor and indoor localization designed to guarantee the safety of those who carry out lone working activities or those that involve risks for personal safety.

uTag T is a handy, lightweight, soft touch, customizable device, which uses RTLS – Real-Time Locating Systems – to locate personnel and it contributes to the digital transformation of safety.

It is a useful device for different purposes: from security for lone workers (such as guards, night guards, couriers) and for service operators such as security guards, event stewards, bodyguards, urban hygiene and cleaning service operators, to access control without the need for physical barriers and calls for maintenance and replenishment on production lines.

uTag T is also suitable for improving industrial accounting because it allows you to allocate costs and account for the time spent by certain resources in different areas.

How does
it work?

uTag T  is very simple to use. It can be worn comfortably on the belt by means of a clip or around the neck with a lanyard at the beginning of the work shift, the size and portabage function and the weight of only 80 grams make the device comfortable and not bulky. It is handy, soft touch and customizable with the company logo or colored.

The battery life covers shifts of up to 12 hours and is recharged simply via USB cable.

it's used

uTag T uses Bluetooth and GPS technologies to track the operator and it is equipped with a SIM card to be able to work on the territory and exploit the mobile network.

The device can be used stand alone or in association with the Locator platform for real-time localisation. Locator is the Ubiquicom’s software that receives data from the device and verifies compliance with safety conditions during work.

The stand alone version has the following features

  • Hands-free calling
  • Two-way voice
  • Sms with latitude-longitude
  • Emergency button
  • Three programmable application buttons (semantic assignment for operational information, GPS location, etc.)

The association of uTag T with the Locator platform additionally enables the following features:

  • Indoor/outdoor localisation
  • Request for assistance
  • Man-down monitoring for timely rescue
  • Use of PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Access control with audible alarm and software reconfigurable zones
  • Monitoring composition and interference of work teams
  • Verification of completion of closed routes on time
  • Two-way sending of alerts/alarms/calls
  • Evacuation management

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