Software for real-time locating of people, vehicles or assets

What is the purpose
of Locator?

Locator is Ubiquicom’s software platform for real-time localization, tracking of persons, vehicles and assets, telemetry and real-time management of complex events based on the position. As well as the localization and field data collection functions, the Locator platform provides the mapping, diagnostics, archiving, data analysis and reporting tools.

The main functionality of Locator:

  • asset status dashboard and asset search
  • map and zone management
  • event management, notifications and alarms
  • real-time and batch analytics
  • view on indoor and outdoor map.

How does
it work?

Based on standard architectures and protocols, the Locator platform is able to communicate in a two-way manner with a very large number of types of devices and process field data generated by dozens of different localization technologies. By using all the field data collected, the Locator platform calculates the position of each object monitored, executes actuations and generates events based on the position, making available all the historical and real-time position data to other software tools.


Ubiquicom Locator is the only localization platform completely independent of the technology and devices used.

The tools, interfaces and APIs are always the same, regardless of the hardware used and even in the case of complex solutions which require the simultaneous presence of other solutions.

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