Ubiquicom’s software offerings are based on:

  • this is the heart of Ubiquicom’s offerings
  • it implements a multi-technology location engine
  • it was designed and developed so that every component part is easy to integrate
  • this is a series of user interfaces dedicated to specific markets
  • all of them are based on the Locator platform and take advantage of its functions
  • they allow the Locator to ‘wear’ the most suitable ‘clothes’ for a specific context


  • A Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) based on a wide range of radio technologies (WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth LE, GSM, ANT+ and UWB) that is designed to adapt easily to new technologies
  • It does not require proprietary hardware and is independent of the type of device used, which maximises the value of previous investments
  • It provides clients and partners with real-time tracking and locating functionalities for people, vehicles and other assets
  • It manages a complete set of rules, events and alarms based on position
  • It allows maximal efficiency for operations that are normally managed manually and therefore subject to errors
Ubiquicom Locator