In a context in which patients, staff, equipment and materials are constantly moving and interacting, and with dynamic priorities based on new events and urgent matters, optimising processes and reducing the risk of errors can often turn out to be quite complex. It’s precisely in situations like these that the potentials of RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) technologies emerge, making it always possible to see and monitor the positions, status, interactions and criticalities of the different entities involved in the processes. The time has come for hospital facilities, too, to benefit from these technologies, which have matured so they can drastically increase efficiency and quality while simultaneously reducing costs and risks.



Market research confirms the growth of RTLS applications in this sector: according to one study by ReportsnReports, a growth of 32.9% is expected for RTLS between 2014 and 2020...

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Ubiquicom can help hospitals that are seeking operational excellence and management efficiency with planning, designing, creating and managing the operation of the RTLS solutions best suited to their needs...

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