Indoor and outdoor locating for workers' security

What is
uTag2 for?

uTag2 is a wearable device aimed at tracking persons for safety and personal protection applications. The tracking device has been developed with the aim of increasing the level of safety in workplaces and guaranteeing compliance with the regulations, by means of efficient monitoring of the health and safety of the persons engaged in indoor or outdoor work activities.

How does
it work?

By using integrated sensors and, depending on the versions, the technologies of UWB (uTag2-UB), WiFi (uTag2-WB) and BLE (both technologies), uTag2 represents the ideal tool for real-time localization and management of alarms linked to accesses to dangerous areas, interferences between operators (also monitoring man-down events) and collisions, and checking the correct use of personal protective equipment. The device integrates with PROXIMITY, the Ubiquicom solution for the prevention of collisions with forklift trucks and other vehicles; it also enables safe management of the processes for evacuation of buildings or single areas, signaling alarms and events by means of LEDs, VibraCall and integrated buzzer. The buttons present on the device can also be used for assistance requests or other signaling regarding safety issues.

it's used

uTag2 is very simple to use. It is sufficient to wear the device on a belt before accessing the work area and to return it to its base at the end of the work shift. Depending on the access modes, and in compliance with the regulations on privacy of the worker, the process for picking up the tag (that is, of the device) may occur randomly, by groups or with a personal tag and anonymity of the data.


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