Tracking and telemetry of small handling vehicles

What is
NeoBox for?

NeoBox is an Ubiquicom device set for tracking and teleme­try of small vehicles, industrial cleaning, goods handling, and motorized assets.

In addition to enabling the locating of vehicles, NeoBox allows the collection of several pieces of information using the integrated sensors on the machine, to which the device is connected.

Vehicles equipped with NeoBox are monitored and controlled remotely via the TrackVision software platform fully developed by Ubiquicom.

How does
NeoBox work?

By using the GPS, WiFi, and BLE technologies and the integrated sensors, NeoBox enables:

  • The real-time localization of goods-handling vehicles,
  • The collection of the telemetry data necessary for measuring the activity and work times,
  • Identifying collisions and faults,
  • Remote generation of the reports.

The connection with the sensors also allows you to perform specific actions directly onboard the vehicle.

Through the NeoBox 4.0 interface, it is possible to manage access control to a vehicle and enable other driving support functions.

How it's used

The NeoBox is perfectly easy to be installed on small vehicles such as industrial cleaning machines, electric pallet trucks, small handling vehicles, and lifts thanks to its small dimensions (72.5 mm x 73 mm x 27.3 mm LXHXP).

NeoBox’s power supply, ranging from 10 to 97 volts, is supplied by the vehicle’s battery.

The outer shell, with IP67 protection, is equipped with mounting slots that make it easy to install on different types of motorized assets.

The 4.0 operator interface features 13 LEDs for light signaling, a driver identification badge reader, and a BLE module to allow a wide range of advanced applications.

The NeoBox kit provides an optional screen that allows the operator to view different pieces of information such as the pre-operational checklist, access control and driving permissions, shock detection and functional limitations, and much more.


TRACKVISION is the platform for remote monitoring of fleets for an integrated, efficient and responsible management of all the handling vehicles and the company’s vehicle fleet.

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