Device for tracking assets, vehicles, pallets, containers, loads

What is
uTag3 for?

uTag3 is the device conceived and developed for the localization and tracking of assets in production or logistics environments. It enables the position of the relative assets to be always known; it is designed for use in industrial environments, is equipped with a long-life battery and has mechanical and thermal strength characteristics which are adequate to enable use in harsh environments. And this is not all; uTag3 is the ideal tool for customized man-machine interaction applications in an industrial environment.

How does
uTag3 work?

Thanks to the GPS, WiFi and BLE technologies and the integrated sensors, the uTag3 device enables the localization of indoor and outdoor assets, optimizing the use of the battery in order to guarantee a long duration of the charge. The induction charging, the drop-resistant IP65 shell fitted with non-slip rubber and a fixing strap, the capacity to tolerate heat of up to 80°C and the ease of use make the device ideal for the localization of vehicles, containers, cages, pallets and any other asset for which the position is to be monitored. Also, the eInk display (available in the uTag3-WPBK version), buzzer, VibraCall function, LEDs and configurable buttons allow uTag3 to be used to draw ad hoc IoT solutions in an industrial environment.

it's used

uTag3 may be applied to the assets to be monitored by using the fixing slots, the rubber strap with a clip or simply the non-slip bands present on the rear.

The recharging takes place by induction and is carried out simply by resting the device on a wireless charging base.

The front display has various function possibilities such as, for example, yard management, to provide information on production progress, for signalling vehicles and assets which must be moved/picked up/removed (switching on LEDs and indication on the screen).

The buttons and the visual, audio and tactile signaling can be used, for example, for warning the operator that it is his/her shift or that he/she is leaving the permitted area

Other functions provide the possibility of showing the nameplate of a vehicle on the tag to provide certainty of the correct linking or indicate the date on which the vehicle will be picked up, in order to optimize the movement.

uTag3 is a versatile device and it adapts perfectly to highly customized solutions on the basis of the specific needs of our customers.


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